Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation for Men and Women

Comfort Pharamcy is happy to have an HRT Specialist here to provide hormone replacement therapy consultations. Dr. Gail A. Mikosh received her HRT Specialist designation from PCCA in February 2016 and is excited to help anyone interested in hormone therapy. Please call for an appointment to discuss hormones.

A three appointment consultation for HRT includes:

  • Initial visit (approximately 30 minutes) that will determine the need for hormone replacement and recommendation for testing. Some paperwork should be completed before the visit.
  • 2nd visit (approximately 30 minutes) will include the results and recommendations for HRT. This will include nutritional recommendations, life-style recommendations and a written recommendation to the prescriber if customized, compounded bio-identical hormone replacement is needed.
  • Follow-up 10 minute consultation to determine how therapy is going. This can be on the phone or in person.


In order to determine if hormone replacement is needed, a symptom evaluation and hormone testing is required. We are able to provide saliva and blood spot testing to determine hormone levels. Test kits can be purchased at the pharmacy and collected at home. The cost of the kits runs anywhere from $170 to $375 depending on what hormone levels are needed. The most basic kit includes estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, and a morning cortisol level. Other hormone profiles are also available.


After testing, we work with your physician to develop a plan that best treats you. Many hormone-related conditions can be treated with over-the-counter nutrients or life-style modifications. If a prescription for compounded bio-identical hormone therapy is needed, we will work with your physician to prescribe the best therapy for you. Then your prescription for bio-identical hormones will be compounded especially for you in our compounding laboratory.

Consultation Fees

We also provide consultations for Medication Therapy Management, Nutritional Counseling and post HRT Counseling. These are charged on a time basis.

  • 30 minutes: $40
  • 45 minutes: $110

Call for an appointment!