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Gail A. Mikosh, PharmD |Pharmacist In Charge
A graduate of University of Houston School of Pharmacy                

Practicing pharmacy for the last ten years, Gail has developed a deep appreciation for the human body and how it responds to environmental influences as well as how it has the extraordinary capacity to heal itself.

The integrative pharmacy approach to health is Gail’s passion. Conventional pharmacy medications are life-saving in many different situations, but can be detrimental in others. Gail helps patients thrive by using conventional medications therapies but also using functional therapies to help the body heal itself.

Gail started this journey to integrative pharmacy by receiving her pharmacy degree at The University of Houston in 2007. With her previous degree in clinical laboratory science and six years’ experience as a Medical Technologist, she was able to finish pharmacy school with many challenges, including the birth of her second child. She had tremendous support from her husband, parents and in-laws that got her through.

After graduating, Gail took a pharmacy manager position at a brand new chain pharmacy in Fredericksburg, Texas. During her four years at that job, she discovered that many patients were suffering greatly even though many were on up to 20 medications! At the same time, she was suffering from ill health herself due to the stress that our current lifestyles are causing us. Searching for a new way of practicing pharmacy, she decided to try hospital pharmacy, thinking she could have more impact on patient’s lives in an in-patient setting.

After about a year at a hospital pharmacist’s position, she felt that something was still missing from her practice of pharmacy. In December of 2012, Gail and her husband, Bert, bought The Drug Shop in Comfort, Texas. The Drug Shop had the integrative pharmacy concept that she was looking for. As a PCCA compounding pharmacy, Gail has been able to use the many courses and rotation hours that she received from PCCA to help patients especially in the realm of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Gail received her HRT Specialist designation from PCCA in February of 2016 and is excited to start seeing patients that are in need of hormone replacement. She works with the patient and the patient’s physician completing the triad of compounding. She uses hormones, nutrition and conventional medications to help patients maintain a healthier life.

Gail is pursuing her Fellow from The Academy of Anti-Aging to help grow her practice in the future.

Gail currently lives in Fredericksburg, Texas with her husband, Bert, and her two children, Camryn and Nichlas.

Sue Potter R.Ph. | Pharmacist
A graduate of University of Texas School of Pharmacy

Yvonne Helwig, Rph | Pharmacist
A graduate of University of Texas School of Pharmacy

Our Philosophy

Be Prepared & Be Helpful
Our’s is a full service pharmacy well stocked with prescription medications and we are capable of filling most doctor ordered prescriptions within minutes. If a special dosage form or discontinued medication is needed our lab is capable of compounding, creams, capsules, troches, sprays, suppositories, sublinguals, solutions, suspensions and most anything else the mind can conceive of for humans and pets alike. In short we are prepared to serve your pharmacy needs promptly even if they fall outside the norm.

At The Drug Shop we believe in Pharmacy – Naturally.

The human body is designed to heal itself. All systems of the body are directly linked and whatever happens to one part of the body, whether good or bad will impact all other parts of the body. Our pharmacists and certified technicians take pride in practicing holistic pharmacy. Care is taken to optimize the intricate relationships that exist when combining conventional prescription medications and various disease states with hormone and nutrient excesses and depletions in the human body. We specialize in testing for hormone irregularities, metabolic function optimization , heavy metal toxicities, and desirable body mass composition. Using medical history, lab values , proper nutrition and behavior modification , our staff works with your other medical professionals to achieve maximum body balance . Consultations available by appointment.

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