What is integrative pharmacy?

When we think of pharmacy, most of us think of a traditional pharmacy where we go to get our prescriptions filled. In the most basic sense, we go to a pharmacy to get our medicine that a medical doctor tells us to take for a variety of conditions. This is what is called a “dispensary.” Unfortunately, this is where the very negative perception of a pharmacy and the role of a pharmacist is created; some think that pharmacists just “counts pills!” This is only a very small role that the pharmacist plays in the healthcare arena.

Most of us also think of therapy for most ailments as medications that are taken after we get symptoms or diagnosed with a condition, but there is a completely different way that we can treat and prevent sickness and symptoms of chronic disease. This is a much less popular treatment pathway, most commonly called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Some of these alternative types of therapies may sound weird or different, but all of them have clinical studies that back them up. Since most alternative types of therapy are not backed up by big pharmaceutical companies, the studies on them are not as big but are none the less significant.

Integrative pharmacy is the combination of traditional medication therapies and alternative medicine. This includes a whole array of different categories of therapy. Some are: traditional prescription medications that are researched and approved by the FDA, herbal medications, nutrition/nutraceuticals, homeopathy, compounding of traditional medications into alternative dosage forms, hormone testing and compounding, and lifestyle (non-medicinal) modifications.

Here at the Drug Shop, we practice pharmacy in a whole different way. We are here to help treat and prevent illness according to best practice guidelines and what is most comfortable for the patient (you!). Whether you are sick and in need of some relief or trying to modify your lifestyle to prevent disease, we have all the expertise and products you need to succeed in your goals. We can also help manage and monitor multiple chronic conditions by helping you or your caregiver with the complexity of your medication regimen. Some insurance companies are actually paying for these consults like when you go to see a medical doctor.

Integrative pharmacy is the best of both worlds and can help you live a healthier life!

Wishing you well….Gail